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Erin is a Licensed Esthetician at ER Wax Bar who has been in the beauty industry for almost 10 years. Erin has extensive experience in the waxing industry, providing over 25,000 waxing services while working at multiple franchises in North Carolina. 

Erin joined Elizabeth at ER Wax Bar in October, 2020 when Elizabeth opened the second location at Peddlers Village. Erin became a full-time Esthetician with ER Wax Bar in January 2021 and has been serving guests there for three years and counting.  

Erin's professionalism has earned the most 5-star reviews on Google Reviews for the Salon! She is an incredible Esthetician who makes her guests always feel welcome and comfortable. 

My Story

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I'm here for all your skin-care and waxing questions. 


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